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4 Dutch Electrow Disco Warriors

Produced For Corned Beef Style Dancing!

4 Dutch Happy Electrow Disco Wariors produced for corned beef style dancing!

Music collective the Kacksters brings you eighties fueled electro disco.
On their debut album they are inspired by Moroder, ESG, Kurtis Blow, 
Les Rita Mitsouko and Kraftwerk.
 They sure make your body rock with their hippie dibby style and come
 with a full length debut album filled with profound vocals and pumping 
basslines.  All topped with sequences and a clash of rhythms coming from
 own build synths, rare electronic Russian drums and studio experiments.
They funk you Zapp-way with vocoded harmonies and teleport you to a time
 of walkmen, legwarmers, velours interiors, patted coiffures, the 
Fairlight and black eyeliners!
From sweet to down and dirty this collective, existing of two women and
 two men, will certainly put a smile on your face and make you move to
 the nearest rollerskate ring!

Lyrics by Stefan Sterrenberg 
Lyrics Tout Les Emotions by Caat Peters
Music by Bas Voorn, Stefan Sterrenberg
Vocals: Ella Wijnen, Caat Peters 
Vocals/Drums/Vocoder: Stefan Sterrenberg
Synths/Guitars/Sampling/Programming: Bas Voorn
Production: Stefan Sterrenberg, Bas Voorn
Photography: Maria van der Heyden
Cover design: Victor Bazar
Mastering: Rookie Coco 

SMR Recordings Release SMR006

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